About Leather Focus

We are the exporter and agent .We have ability to supply you any kinds of best quality leather items from our company as per your needs. We have one group of highly expert technical team hands (quality inspectors) is working in our organization. Our basic business strategy is right things by comparative price on timely delivery.

Aim & Objectives :

* To satisfy customers expectation of quality.
* To deliver defect-free products on time.
* To work for bringing mutual benefit both for buyers and ours.

If you have any new development then please send your inquiry to us, we will co-operate you with our best service. We always give importance to the quality of the products and also to the price. We are also committed to the shipment schedule.
Leather Focus is an international leather and leather products manufacturing and distribution company in Bangladesh. Our leather and leather goods are custom-manufactured to accommodate customer requests from around the world.

Our main office and manufacturing facility is located in Dhaka,Bangladesh. With the continued demand for "Made in Bangladesh" leather products. Leather Focus is proud to say that we can accommodate those domestically produced leather and Leather Products. We work hard behind our initiative in founding our own leather brand Leather Focus. We take pride in the continuous support and trust that we gained from our clients across world, which turns out to be a successful in leather and leather products manufacturer.

Crust Leather

Cow Leather:

Full Chrome Cow Crust Leather, Semi Chrome Cow Crust Leather, Full Vegetable Cow Crust Leather, Semi Vegetable Cow Crust Leather, Chrome Free Veg. Tanned Cow Crust Leather, Chrome and Vegetable Free Cow Crust Leather, Nappa Cow Crust Leather, Lining Cow Crust Leather, Nubuck Cow Crust Leather & Split Cow Crust Leather

Goat Leather:

Chrome Free Goat Crust Leather, Full Chrome Goat Crust Leather, Full Vegetable Goat Crust Leather, Semi Vegetable Goat Crust Leather, Chrome-free Veg. Tanned Goat Crust Leather, Chrome and Veg. Free Ecological Crust Leather, Goat Suede Crust Leather,

Sheep Leather:

F/V or F/C Sheep Crust Leather, Crust Sheep Crust Leather & Crust Nappa Sheep Crust Leather

Buffalo Leather:

Full Chrome Buffalo Crust Leather, Semi Chrome Buffalo Crust Leather, Full Vegetable Buffalo Crust Leather & Semi Veg. Buffalo Crust Leather

Finished Leather:

Cow Finished Leather:

Aniline Finished Leather, Semi Aniline Finished Leather, Semi-Aniline Nappa Finished Leather, Corrected/Plastic Grain/Boxicide Fin. Leather, Polished Finished Leather, Burnished Finished Leather, Pigment Finished Leather, Semi-Pigment Finished Leather, Lining Finished Leather, Nappa Milling/Milled Nappa Finished Leather, Milling Embo Polish Leather, F/G Burnished Finished Leather, Dry Solution Finished Leather, Full Vegetable Finished Leather & Glazed Finished Leather

Goat Leather:

Finished Goat Leather

Sheep Leather:

Finished Leather

Buffalo Leather:

Finished Leather

Leather Products

Coats for Men & Women, Blazers for Men & Women, Jackets for Men & Women, Leather Bags for Men & Women, Belts, Wallets &

Footwear for Men, Women & Kids:

Shoes, Sandals, Boot & Many More as per requirement
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